Venezuelan Red Lines


The Venezuelan crisis has been brewing for long now. The socialist regime lead by President Maduro has been facing crisis after crisis from food to health to water to rising inflation to sinking economy causing massive unrest by the day. Trump Administration lead by NSA John Bolton has been actively been trying to interfere & dislodge President Maduro by sending in plane load of aid via Colombian border into Venezuela. The operation in last few months was carried out under the supervision of Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. In response to US interference Venezuela shut down its border with Columbia. The events in Venezuela turned dramatic as the opposition leader Juan Guaido who declared himself to interim president in a bid to oust President Maduro which prompted Venezuela to cut ties with US & forcing the withdrawal of its diplomats from Embassy in Caracas on 14th March 2019. Venezuelan president Maduro even blamed America & the opposition leaders of planning a coup/invasion to oust him & a similar conspiracy to shut down the electrical grid.

America has imposed sanctions on Venezuelan oil industry, leaders connected to Maduro & lobby for international acceptance of opposition leader Juan Guaido as legitimate leader of Venezuela. The Chinese & more so the Russians have openly backed the Venezuelan president & warned against any military intervention in Venezuela as ‘Red Line’ it wont tolerate. Russians to reinforce the support for its ally has seen Russian troops & paramilitary personnel to Venezuela on Russian air force jets which landed in carcass with tons of cargo along with Russian military personnel which can be seen a direct rebuff by Russia to United States. The Russians communicated the said red lines to Americans in meeting in Rome while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has balked on Russia for its uncooperative behavior in the Venezuelan crisis by sending in military personnel to Venezuela. In this geopolitical tug of war between US & Russia in Venezuela the biggest sufferers have been people of Venezuela who are faced with probably one of the gravest humanitarian crisis with shortage of food, medicines and aid supplies.

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