Troubles for US Military-Industrial Complex


They say troubles come in threes. For the US Military-Industrial Complex, it has been a tough one month for Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Lockheed’s coveted F-16 went down in a dogfight with a Soviet MIG-21 Bison warhorse during the recent Indo-Pak clash where an Indian pilot shot down Pakistan’s F-16 in what is undoubtedly the story of the year thus far. While Lockheed PR machinery is in overdrive to eliminate all bad press about its invincibility, one can only imagine the delight in France and Russia at this absolute disaster. For Lockheed, the shoot down was all the more terrible as just last month it was offering F-21 which is nothing but F-16 in a new avatar to the Indian Air Force! This pitch it appears is now dead on arrival. Of course the Pakistan Air Force is now in the unenviable position of explaining to Lockheed how it could let its pilots lose the F-16 to the old Soviet warhorse!

The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max crash has now resulted in most countries barring USA from flying this airline till some safety features are upgraded. While airlines are undoubtedly going to suffer, Boeing is also going to have some sleepless nights about what happens to future 737 deliveries? So this is two down, one to go? Wonder who the third victim could be.

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