Terrorist Attack in Christchurch: The Crusades Redux !


In the wee hours of morning on 15th March 2019, the relatively quiet town of Christchurch was struck by terrorist attack where 4 men and 1 women rampantly targeted two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand killing nearly 49 people and injuring scores of the other people. One of the prime suspects apprehended by New Zealand police is believed to a 28 year old Australian who had posted 37 page manifesto on Social media website like Facebook and also carried out live stream of attack by his Go Pro camera on social media. The motives attributed by the attacker to the attack is the foreign invasion of European lands the subtext being the obvious refugee influx from conflict zones of Middle East and North Africa. The attacker also hailed US President Donald Trump as a symbol of White Identity in his manifesto posted online and says he planned this attack for two years. The shooter had written references to Crusades on his weapons like the one referred to Charles Martel who was the military commander who repelled the Islamic invasion of France in 732 AD. Many such markings like of Gaston IV of Bearn, Konstantin II Asin, Bohimond I of Antioch all related with Crusades lead by the Church & Holy Roman empire against the Islamic Empire(s) in medieval era were also found his firearms. The attacker also claimed that he received blessings for the attack from reborn ‘Knight Templars’ who were a medieval christian order that lead the crusades against Islamic invaders.

The brutal terrorist attack lead by white Christian supremacist shocked New Zealand and the whole world. However, we at Asian Warrior in our book #TheNewGlobalOrder in 2016 had forecasted the rise of Christian terror i.e. return of crusades in form of Christian Militias. The refugee crisis in Europe and the rise of White Nationalism in US has further fueled its rise. There are various Christian Militias and terror groups operating across the world from Lord Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, Central African Republic, and southern Sudan who carried various attacks against Muslims in respective countries while professing Christian faith in the name of Lord. Similar such militias have cropped up in Nigeria, like Niger Delta Avengers in Christian dominated southern Nigeria who have been implicated in various attacks & have warned of reprisals if President Buhari belonging to the Muslim dominated northern Nigeria is re-elected in the polls. Even in Syria & Iraq, Christian Militias have been formed like Sootro, Syriac Military Council, Nineveh Plains Protection Unit, The Babylonian Brigade to name a few who are fighting along with the Syrian & Iraqi regime against groups like ISIS. The Clash of Civilizations as Huntington forecasted has come to reality.

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