RIP Russiagate


On 24th March 2019, Robert Mueller the Special Counsel investigating Russian collusion and interference in US Elections 2016 came out with his report that he submitted to US Attorney General William Barr. William Barr there upon released a 4 page summary of report submitted by Robert Mueller. The report states “The investigation did not establish that members of Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities”. The report also concludes on charges of Obstruction of Justice on President Trump, the special counsel states that “while the report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”. It left the issue to the US Attorney general heading Department of Justice to make a definitive assessment, who ostensibly held that there is not enough proof to criminally prosecute the President on the charge of obstruction of justice. Thus the ghost of Russian interference over Trump administration seems to have been finally exorcised.

It is however interesting that Department of Justice including FBI despite having so much leads on digital evidence over social media sites, wikileaks, campaign official meetings with Russians chose to give this report virtually exonerating the president Trump & his administration. The root of the story lies in the origins of Department of Justice and its deep nexus it shares with Anglo-American establishment or British American Commonwealth (BAC) from the time of 1st FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. J. Edgar Hoover had helped bring about a new order with an expanded “intelligence community” around Allen Dulles, the British royal family’s Round Table faction and its Wall Street partners. The agenda of Anglo American establishment in all this is resurrection of American empire (its empire) against rising powers in China in the east with Russia as an accomplice.

Thus Trump administration has been confirming to the agenda of US Military Industrial Complex in sustaining war gains made in Syria to Afghanistan while expanding footprint of its shadow wars in Africa. He is even taking on China aggressively from trade tariffs to IPR to its Human Rights violations in Tibet, Xinjiang; exposing its duplicitous stand on Terrorism in the region while steadfastly backing India and other allies/partners in region. The focused approach of President Trump singling out China as prime adversary & Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stating that prime threats to America come from China, Pakistan, North Korea and Terrorism is a clear shift towards Cold War 2.0 which we had enunciated in our book “The New Global Order” in 2016. Thus agenda of Anglo-American establishment in shaping the global order from Middle East to Asia Pacific is all pervasive in the foreign policy of Trump Administration.

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