Dutch Terror Attack


On Monday i.e. 18th march 2019 the Dutch Police arrested a Turkish Born 37 year old man named Gokmen Tanis who is suspected to have carried out the mass shooting inside a tram in Netherlands killing nearly 3 people and injuring 9 people. The Dutch police are still ascertaining the cause of shooting in Utrecht however they have not ruled out the terror motive. A Turkish businessman told BBC Turkish Gokmen Tanis, the suspect in Utrech shooting had gone to Chechneya to fight and had been released couple of years ago on charges of having links to ISIS. The accused is reportedly also facing a rape charge in a court in Utrecht. This comes in backdrop of Christchurch attack on Mosques in New Zealand by Christian White supremacists. President Erdogan of Turkey had played the video of Christchurch attack on National Television claiming its an attack on Muslim world, Turkey and himself evoking the passions of people to fight any crusades. Also to be noted that ISIS has vowed to revenge & retaliation to attacks on Mosques in Christchurch. ISIS had also recently attacked a Church in Philippines & claimed attack on a Church in France some time back. This reaction, counter reaction has the potential to spiral into another unending vicious cycle of religious violence & hate crimes in countries across the world.

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