Chinese Espionage of Russian Aircraft Technology


Yao Cheng formerly known as Tan Chunsheng a lieutenant colonel of the Chinese Naval Command center narrated the how he stole the technology of Russian Kamov Ka-28 helicopters from Russia. He says that in 1993, Chinese navy established “933 office” to prepare funds to purchase two guided missile destroyers and 24 Kamov Ka-28 helicopters from Russia. Kamov K-28 was far more advance helicopter in anti submarine warfare than the one China had. For the mission Yao went as a Senior Engineer, in its Helicopter Division of state owned HAMC and worked along with Chinese Intelligence MSS on this top secret operation. Yao narrated the whole incident to the Chinese language Epoch Times.

According to Chinese Intelligence MSS, Yao and his men tapped into daughter of Laos National Assembly President who was studying at Shanghai International Studies University. They met and befriended her at the Kunming Airport in January 1997. They convinced her on flight of being rich Chinese businessmen & sought her help in translation services. In lieu, Yao visited Lao Ministry of National Defence, Air Force and after protracted negotiations agreed to buy Kamov Ka-28 for 1.5 Million $ which were left over by Russia after the collapse of Soviet Union. They flew in the helicopter using 4 pilots from HAMC to fly across Laos China border as the mission was top secret and no official signature could be left of the same. The chopper evading the radar detection by flying at low altitude arrived at Jinghong Airport in Southern Chinese province of Yunan.

Unfortunately for Yao, the day he carried out this daring theft as part of Naval project, some of his superiors in Central Military Command (CMC) was Zhang Wannian an adversary of Liu Huaqing’s who were both vice chairman in CMC. Zhang immediately informed this to party leader Jiang Zemin about Liu orchestrating this theft from Laos. However, Liu denied any role knowledge and framed Yao as sole responsible for this operation. Meanwhile the Russians who got to know of theft of its chopper were furious with Beijing and threatened to snap military sales to China which it could ill afford thus they convinced Moscow that it was an operation of rogue naval officer. Yao was detained & later imprisoned for 5 years in jail before being released. In the meanwhile Chinese had reverse engineered the technology from Kamov Ka-28 chopper to develop their own such chopper. This is one of the prime example of Intellectual Property theft by China of critical defence technologies from across the world something which United States & President Donald Trump have been harping on for some time now.

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