CPEC Nikaah


CPEC was supposed to be a great example of cross cultural ties between China and Pakistan whose friendship was touted sweeter than honey. Almost 1000 mixed marriages have taken place since 2017 due to the large presence of Chinese men working in CPEC.

The story is always the same. A Pakistani woman and a Chinese men. It started with Pakistani Christian women from poor families marrying Chinese men. However, the honeymoon was shortlived as the families discovered that most of the Chinese men abused the marriage and were alcoholics.

Recent stories talk of Chinese men lying that they have converted to Islam to Pakistani familiarity to get their women to marry them. In reality, the Chinese men are involved in human trafficking. Many run marriage bureaus in Pakistan to facilitate such marriages. The Pakistani women are forced to work as prostitutes in China or sold to wealthy businessmen in the Middle East.

While human trafficking is a horrible thing, the irony of Pakistan getting cheated by China is not lost on anyone. Pakistan has cheated the entire world about abetting terrorism. This time, it finds itself in bed with a country that’s better at cheating it can’t do much beyond crying wolf as it needs CPEC to survive!

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