Brexit: May Day May Day !


Britain plunged into further chaos on friday as the House of Commons for the third time rejected Theresa’s May Brexit deal by 334 to 286 votes. It was another humbling defeat for British PM Theresa May who had even agreed to step aside if her deal was passed but despite her appeal she failed to muster a majority of her MPs to back her deal. Many Brexiters chose to ignore Theresa May’s call and even her allies like DUP from Northern Ireland refused to back the deal over lack of legal assurances on Irish Backstop.

After the third defeat of Brexit Deal, British Parliament has now two choices per the agreement with EU i.e. either plan for No Deal Brexit on 12th April 2019 which could be disastrous for British economy or indicate a path like a longer delay but in that case UK will be mandated to hold EU parliamentary polls on May 23 & it could end up delaying Brexit further into the year 2020. The chaos on Brexit in United Kingdom is an opportunity for European Union which has been successful in using the fear of Brexit to scare other European countries from seeking similar messy divorce be it Frexit or Italeave or Nexit.

Macron & Merkel have been able to percolate the message across European heartland from France to Italy to Netherlands to Austria to Hungary that reforming the EU from within with some democratization and decentralization is better than leaving the union with a potentially damaging divorce for respective economies. Marine Le Pen in France has already called for Europe of Nation or reforms from within instead of Frexit. Similarly, Salvini’s far right League in Italy has stated that it has no plans to abandon ‘Europe’. In Austria the Freedom party has abandoned the calls for an EU referendum like Brexit. In Netherlands, Geet Wilders anti immigration far right party has suffered a huge defeat to PM Rutte who said Netherlands can not afford Brexit type chaos here.

Steve Bannon who has been the champion of the far right populist movement in Europe admits that Brexit chaos has changed the winds in Europe. Steve Bannon’s group ‘Movement’ has failed to take off as populist parties in Europe from Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Hungary & Czech Republic have distanced themselves from it. In an ideological war, the Franco-German alliance of European elites seems to be making swift gains over the Anglo-American establishment backed by American deep state who consider Brexit as symbol of rise of Populist nationalism. This tug of war has even fueled yellow vests protests in France too, but with unraveling of Brexit the whole Anglo-Saxon narrative about populist nationalism is about to crash land.

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