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The Great Reset Book by Navroop Singh

About Us

Asian Warrior, born in 2012 and is a team of like-minded young people working towards the common goal of understanding the dynamic global patterns. Consisting of individuals from various streams of life, it endeavours to understand the absolute truth about reality to help make the world a better place. Asian Warrior’s primary focus is geopolitics; to discover social, economic and political patterns related to foreign policy and national security, along with the study of their impact and significance on humanity in the times to come.

Globalization and unprecedented connectivity has ironically brought about an increase in issues that plague society and threaten global peace making it difficult to reach a universal consensus on important issues. This has made it necessary to examine conflicts through the lens of history entwined with social, political, cultural and many other factors with a fresh perspective. Asian Warrior thus seeks to understand countries, cultures and people of influence in a non-biased way, and objectively offer solutions to enable cooperation. Coming from a very ancient civilization which believes in in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means the world is one family; Asian Warrior can understand, respect and relate better to the cultural differences between various geographies in a sensitive manner to bring different people to a common platform where dialogues of discussion and solutions of betterment can be facilitated to assist individuals/ companies and governments. After all, society is not a group of individuals, rather a sum of interrelations.

Asian Warrior prides itself on its ability to understand, forecast trends and predict global behavioural patterns due to its 360-degree approach. It also seeks to educate the public, train society and offer ideas to further our cause in a non-partisan way. It is for this purpose that we first launched ourselves online as an open source information portal. It also welcomes collaborations and partnerships from all corners of the globe. Their first book, The New Global Order was an endeavour to provide a multidisciplinary angle on the world we live in, to find solutions for a peaceful way forward. The book explains how geography has shaped the world in the past, and continues to do so today and will, in the future, as well without being biased towards the national interest of particular countries. After all, kings and kingdoms come and go, empires are created and ground to dust, democracies imposed and communist movements created, but the geography remains the same!

The world has seen extreme conflicts through World Wars 1 and 2 and Asian Warrior believes that it is up to us to ensure that our future generations are spared this ordeal, especially at a time when the world is already overburdened with many pressing issues and looks forward to your trust and support in the contribution to this noble cause.

Team Asian Warrior

Naveen Tomar

Naveen Tomar, the founder of Asian Warrior, is associated with the Oil and Gas industry. He hails from a family with strong agricultural ties. Naveen is very passionate about working towards the advancement and inclusion of a global society. He has been very active in the mentoring of youth from his academic days. His people skills and travels across diverse cultures and geographies make him a force to be reckoned with in the field of geopolitics. He considers Chanakya as his role model.  Apart from this, he enjoys chess, the pursuit of speed and meditation.
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Navroop Singh

Navroop Singh, a third-generation Intellectual Property Attorney, is a practising advocate before the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India. As a Geo Political analyst he is an avid reader with a keen interest in international affairs, foreign policy, diplomacy and conflicts across the globe.
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Himja Parekh

Himja Parekh is associated with social service. She is carrying forward her family’s philanthropic legacy of the last four generations. She is an alumnus of the Rotary International’s Professional Exchange Program, where she was one of the youngest to be selected. She has been associated with the diamond and jewellery industry. Her varied travels have given her the opportunity to indulge in her love of the study of cultures. She is an eternal student of global finance, geopolitics, and history.  Apart from this, she loves cooking and enjoys classical music.
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