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Trio Asian Warrior Navroop Singh recently released his new book The Great Reset (2022). The book is an epic saga of documenting the gravest crisis of humanity in more than a century. The book documents the most critical moment in the history of mankind, challenging its very existence due to the delinquent behaviour of the scientific establishment. The Great Reset documents the journey over the past two years, starting from the disruptions caused by the trade wars initiated by the Trump administration. The trade war led to the global supply chains disruption with impositions of tariffs and counter-tariffs by countries across the globe. In a sense, the America first policy accelerated the decline of the Pax Americana world order beginning from the Syrian red lines.

The book divulges the conversations of behind-the-scene events. Documenting the factual narration of how the pandemic of Covid-19 has reset the world and our lives in all manners. It is an extensive research based factual narrative of where Sars-CoV-2 originated and how the scientific establishment in the United States tried to cover up the possibility of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Apart from tracing the origins of Sars-Cov-2, the book in-depth explores the facet of Gain of Function research and the use of breakthrough scientific technologies like gene editing, CRISPR, and Chimeras to create superbugs, viruses and pathogens leading to Pandemics.

The Great Reset here attempts to put a light into the deep rabbit hole of the research behind this virus at the Wuhan lab and its connections with the scientific establishment in the United States. The author connects the dots for the readers to understand what happened and why it turned out the way it did. It would be thus fitting to say, metaphorically, “China is the petri dish where the virus was cultured while progenitors of it are in the United States”. The book then discusses the Biological Warfare capabilities of various countries like the United States, China, Russia, Japan, etc., dating from the Pre-World War 2 to the current era, highlighting the challenges of new-age bioweapons in the age of gene-editing technology and cloning.

Part II of the book captures the suffering of millions across the globe, from Wuhan to Lombardy to Barcelona to New York and finally comes to New Delhi. It takes the readers through the journey of the last two years, from the lockdowns to the destructive wave of the Delta variant. The Great Reset is not about the numbers of CFR (case fatality ratio) or TPR (test positivity ratio). It is a story which captures the human spirit to stand with each other and fight in one of the gravest crises in over a century. It captures those emotions of sadness, anxiety, fear, depression and the desperate pleas of the loved ones scampering for Oxygen and ICU beds throughout the pandemic. It also talks about the brilliance of the human mind that developed these lifesaving vaccines in record time. The author of the book narrates his personal experiences on how Indians took to lockdown during the waves of Covid-19. It is something that every Indian would relate to or have felt during those days.

In Part III of The Great Reset, the author takes us through the Omicron wave and how Covid-19 is here to stay for eternity. The world will have to learn to adapt and live with the virus as a new normal. The new normal would mean altered social behaviour and choices, in a socially atomised manner. Adapting to new realities, intermittent surges, infections, mini lockdowns, mask mandates and probably even annual vaccine shots. The Great Reset discusses the nexus between the big pharmaceutical companies and the public health authorities. Pharma companies dictate the policies to public health authorities and governments, using their corporate lobbying power. The book also reveals how big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer bullied countries like Brazil, Argentina etc., to sign vaccine contracts with full indemnity and sovereign guarantees. The Pharma lobby opposed the TRIPS waiver for vaccine patents mooted by India & South Africa at the WHO. One of the highlights of The Great Reset is that the author discusses how public health authorities across the world tried to suppress the vaccine efficacy data and side effects figures while pushing for more boosters and vaccine mandates. Legal and ethical aspects of such vaccine mandates and the curtailment of individual liberties and freedoms have also been discussed.

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The author also discusses the impact of the pandemic on the global economy, specifically sectors of travel and tourism, hospitality, aviation, and education. Providing insightful discussion on the mental health epidemic that plagued millions across the world, within the larger pandemic of Covid-19. The penultimate chapter of The Great Reset deals with various elements of The Great Reset i.e. the Trade Wars, Covid-19, Totalitarianism, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Cold War 2.0. Subsequently, the author discusses Professor Mattias Desmet’s theory of Mass Formation, on how the establishment has the majority of the public under mass hypnotic trance, a condition that invariably leads to the totalitarian state.

After discussing Mass Formation as a tool, it further proceeds to discuss other tools such as Nudge Theory of Behavioural Economics, Psychographics etc that may be used by stealth, to control the masses into obeying the agendas of the establishment. It forewarns the readers about the incoming danger of a controlled democracy through authoritarian leaders and oligarchs. The Great Reset describes the Covid-19 pandemic as a cataclysmic Pearl Harbor kind of event, which is bound to reset the global order. However, the reset will not complete with just the Covid-19 pandemic. It will have other facets involved, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which can be measured equivalent to an earthquake on a Richter scale of 9.0. The divide between Europe and Russia and the gulf between the United States and Russia has become far too wide to bridge. It will have a lasting impact on the global order.

The way Americans and Europeans have reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is counterproductive as the United States and Europe will have to deal with the blowback of a commodities war initiated by Russia and an inflationary cycle that threatens to disrupt the global economic recovery. The book deal in-depth with the global fallout of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Geo-Politically and Geo-Economically. It discusses how the natural consequence of a degraded and sanctioned Russia will lead to a bi-polar world between the United States & China. The Indo-China border conflict will significantly transform the strategic balance in the Indo-Pacific. These conflicts will lead us to the Cold War 2.0

The journey in the book starts with “The Great Reset” and completes with “The Great Awakening”. The Great Awakening is like after, navigating through all the chaos and conflict, we get a glimpse of the real players and devious agendas behind the scenes. The author gives us a holistic view of the creation of Pax Americana post world war 2, and how the system was designed to function. The Pax Americana order is now under stress and in decline, facing a challenge from Pax Sinica or the Sino centric global view aiming to re-establish itself as a premier power. The competition between the two contrasting poles will ultimately lead to the next great war before the New Global Order is thrust upon the world.

The Great Reset is about all of us, every human being on the planet suffering through the pandemic. It gives a ringside view of events transpiring behind the scenes, amid this chaos and conflict ravaging the world, where no aspect of our lives is immune. The book attempts to answer the complex question about humanity and its future in simple language. The Great Reset is a Steller work which has documented the pandemic in as many words as a reference point for future generations. Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.

Whenever the world turns back to the events of Covid-19, it will find The Great Reset as a milestone in history where someone brought truth to light. Finally, at Asian Warrior, we recommend that everybody should read this book and undertake this journey from The Great Reset to The Great Awakening. It is time to stand up and be counted as human. We commend Navroop Singh for writing this epic saga on The Great Reset, a feat which only a handful could have achieved.

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