We All Created The Monster Called China

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“First they came……” is a very famous poem written post WW2 about Germany. The poem aptly calls out the cowardice and silence of intellectuals, clergy etc. about Hitler’s rise to power and the subsequent purge of various groups that were marked as unimportant to exist by Hitler.

The world currently is facing a similar situation, the only difference being the list of groups that are silent feature intellectuals, clergy, global bodies, countries, political parties, media, businessmen, activists, corporations, non-profit organizations, human rights organizations to just name a few. They have all sold themselves for a few pieces of silver to the monster called China in the foolish hope that they will be spared when they will have the Star of David marked on their arms.

Historically we all love to abuse Hitler and talk about his evil deeds of the Holocaust. Funnily, looking at the numbers the highest purge of mankind award still lies with China under Chairman Mao where over 60 million died. To put it in perspective. The amount purged in Holocaust plus lives lost in WW1 and WW2 still makes up less than half this number.

In 2019, China unleashed Corona Virus or Covid19 on the full world. Complete facts on the origin of the virus are yet to emerge and considering China has yet to release the number of soldiers it lost in the wars against India in the decade of the 1960s expecting any kind of transparency from them about Covid19 would be foolhardy.

Some facts are clear. Their scientist, the batwoman Shi Zhengli has been researching on transmitting bat viruses across species and was working at Wuhan’s Level 4 lab where an incident took place. Mistakes were made. Instead of being forthcoming and accepting accountability, the mafia called CCP that rules China chose silence, insolence and denial and allowed it to spread across countries. Despite being asked questions, it chose to deliberately lie fully confident in the power of its few pieces of silver and mankind’s unending greed and selfish interest.

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Today its been over 6 months and the entire global community is reeling from this made in China pandemic from which there seems to be no respite. Millions have been infected; thousands have lost their life. There is no vaccine on the imminent horizon and the world as we know it will never be the same again. China is still silent, unapologetic and insolent. If anything, it has become even more aggressive in passing the buck to other countries instead of owning up or accepting accountability.

If murdering millions globally was not enough and this is cold-blooded murder, let’s not accept any other term; China chooses the current pandemic to fund civil unrest in the USA, invade India in the north; adopt a more aggressive stance in the South China Sea; adopt a more hostile tone with Taiwan and force Hong Kong to discard the one country two systems rule. The above should make it obvious to one even as blind as a bat that the word shame features nowhere in CCP’s vocabulary. The CCP mafia is an out and out bully and must be called out and dealt with accordingly.

For one moment let us all take a pause and think – how did we all allow China to become the monster it is? What have we been collectively doing that gives it the continued confidence to remain insolent without the fear of consequences? Even despite its current actions, why are very few people calling it out? What have we collectively sold our conscience for? Why are the leading religious institutions and countries that claim to be the torchbearers of religious civilization silent? Why do human rights organizations stay silent when rampant organ harvesting on perfectly healthy but “wrong community” people takes place? The role of WHO in the pandemic has been laughable undeniably but what explains the silence of UNSC?

The answer to the above is, we are all collectively responsible for creating the monster called China. We thought we were being wise but in reality, it was a penny-wise pound-foolish scenario.

To start with, the USA that is currently trying to reverse the tide, created the monster called China and fuelled the rise of mafia called CCP. In the urge to create fatter bottom lines and boost share prices from quarter to quarter it forgot wealth creation. It first outsourced a little bit of manufacturing and then in true Gekko style, believed Greed is good; so it outsourced a little bit more till there was none left at home. The consumers got cheaper goods that did not last while China insisted on proprietary knowledge to carry out low-cost manufacturing which the CEOs of corporations happily gave up to fund their penthouses on Park Avenue, private jets and homes in the Hamptons and ludicrous bonuses.

Where the USA goes, UK is sure to follow so a similar cycle was rinsed and repeated in the financial capitals and nerve centres. After all, why to settle for a private jet when you can get one with gold plated fittings and China was happy to oblige. The cost of gold-plated faucets and bathtubs was nothing in comparison. If the global financial powerhouses could succumb so easily, how can one blame the African dictators for enriching themselves to buy armies, oppress their subjects? After all, the cost of human life in Africa is non-existent; it is a poor continent of rich resources that will benefit everyone but its people. Then came the welfare states of the European Union.

Instead of giving up some welfare schemes for its citizens or forcing them to work 6-day weeks which would be a sacrilege, it was just so much easier to outsource cheaper manufacturing to China regardless of its strategic implications. The USA for all its faults at least has a battle-ready army to fight its wars, what does the European Union have? In the absence of one after losing all strategic powers was it expecting NATO to come to fight its battles with China just to ensure its welfare objectives to its citizens?

Australia rolled out the red carpet to China and stayed mum while it bought out umpteen agricultural lands, captured real estate market making it unaffordable for most Aussies to own a house; China even started telling media what it could and could not write and telling universities what it could and could not teach. But come on, the economy was booming right and one could enjoy a nice “barbie and beer” so surely all was well with the world right. Countries like Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong tried to fight the bully but what they received in return from the world was radio silence.

Now we come to India. India was the best country to take up the manufacturing mantle and that would have meant that China’s bullying leverage would have been severely diluted. But here, the traders were too busy enriching themselves selling Chinese goods, the manufacturers only bringing assembly here while carrying out manufacturing in China and singing paeans about it. Most of them still do. The party that ruled India for a majority of its independence signed an MOU with China to further ties; one has heard of countries signing MOUs but a political party that’s a first.

The administrative services instead of solving problems to facilitate reforms only thought of making life difficult to maintain their relevance. The activists of course only thought of enriching themselves while the government was too busy being in business to actually think of the business.  All political parties in India have been too obsessed with giving doles for votes and have given scant importance to the manufacturers which could make them successful entrepreneurs. Even today wealth generators are considered cheaters. This attitude coupled with judiciary and bureaucracy is hardly going to create a positive situation for manufacturing.

The entire GCC and the Middle East is not a democratic region barring few exceptions. But even there, the ruling classes have been more concerned with their power which means continued welfare payments to the citizens which meant China got an easy entry. If only these countries would have focused on channelling the billions, they were using to fund terrorism towards creating domestic industry, they would have been less impacted and influenced by the monster called China.
As is evident from above, we are all responsible for creating the monster called China. Every time we choose a cheaper imitation, every time we trash our country, every time we don’t support our community.

The thousands who lost their lives in Covid19 have left behind families, hopes and shattered dreams. Moreover, these deaths are the obvious ones that will be registered as Covid19 deaths. The second, third and fourth wave of deaths are yet to come and will be utterly devastating. As millions struggle to pay loans for their homes, as millions lose jobs, as millions don’t have money to pay salaries, as millions declare their businesses bankrupt, as sectors with huge workforces retrench.

We will not just be cremating or burying bodies, we will also be putting to ashes their hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better tomorrow. Every time we currently step out of our homes, we are effectively playing Russian roulette. How many times will stay lucky? In the end, the house always wins.

In our inexplicable greed, we created the monster called China. We believed cheap was good. With the collective global loss, we are now only beginning to realise how expensive it actually was. We chose to ignore their barbaric actions against their own people believing it was not our problem and happening to other people. Now, we are the “other people”.

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