CAA-NRC: Demography is Destiny

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In our earlier piece on Demographic Warfare we explained how guns are replaced by people to change the demographics of open societies i.e. democracies which tend to champion Human Rights. The Syrian Civil War and Arab Spring revolutions marked a large refugee exodus from Middle East to Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada. The class or species of exodus may differ from region to region such as in Europe it was influx of Arab Refugees; in America the issue involves refugees from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon facing civil war or sectarian conflicts and illegal immigrants from Mexico and South American nations entering through its porous border with Mexico. This large exodus of refugees and illegal immigrants has sparked a widespread debate and a rise of nationalist forces globally who vehemently oppose this open border policy. Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Britain’s Boris Johnson and President Donald Trump have started enacting tougher immigration laws to reduce the entry of illegals and are also deporting them. Chancellor Merkel had to face a lot of flak for her open-door policy putting European Union and its demography at risk from the settlement of refugees and illegal immigrants. Trump Administration has built detention centers hosting illegal immigrants entering from Mexico and deporting them back to their respective countries. We have also elaborated the above in our book The New Global Order.

India is obviously not untouched from this growing nativist sentiment; rather it has woken up quite late to the dangers of demographic change that could have catastrophic effects on its society. India has been constantly at the forefront of refugee crisis and illegal immigrants since Independence, the first being 1947-49 during the partition and the second and the largest exodus of religious minority refugees from East Pakistan  just before Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.The latter was on account of Pakistani forces carrying out a genocide on Hindus which is vividly documented in the book “The Blood Telegram” which shocked the world even putting Dr Kissinger and Nixon Administration to shame of looking the other way. The next wave of refugees was of Sri Lankan Tamils during the civil war in Sri Lanka. India is also a host to other communities that have fled for religious persecution like Parsis from Iran, Buddhists from Tibet, Christians from Bhutan. The last decade has seen an extensive illegal infiltration of Rohingyas from Myanmar through Bangladesh in India.

India has now finally decided to deal with the growing migration menace of refugees and Illegals via Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) and NRC (National Register of Citizens) which has become part of a storm that has virtually engulfed the whole nation. At the time of writing, the Union of India just announced the implementation of National Population Register to facilitate NRC. The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is a bill to provide a limited window for persecuted minorities from three Islamic Republics i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh where Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians and Parsis have been persecuted as religious minorities as these countries follow the state religion of Islam. The new Amendment Act is a positive covenant in law whereby it opens a limited window for persecuted minorities from these three countries to obtain fast track citizenship by relaxing the minimum stay limit to 5 years from 11 years with setting a cutoff date of 31st December 2014 from which these refugees should be present and living in India. During the discussion and debate on CAA few facts deserve to be highlighted- the no. of Hindus in Pakistan has declined from 13% in Pakistan to 1.3% since Partition and no. of Hindus in Bangladesh have declined from 31% to 8%. So, it begs a question where did most of the Hindus vanish in these countries; either they migrated to India, converted to Islam or were killed or massacred by locals.

There have been numerous open and shut cases of religious persecutions of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains and even Christians in Pakistan. Just recently there was the case of a Sikh girl of the head Jathedar of Nankana Sahib in Pakistan being abducted and converted furthering how Hindus and Sikhs have been illtreated in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Scores of temples have also been demolished by radical Islamists in Bangladesh leading to a large exodus of Bengali Hindus in Assam, Tripura, and West Bengal. The fate of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan can be best judged from the resignation letter of Joginder Nath Mandal who had migrated to East Pakistan with Muslim league during partition, become the law minister in the Government of Pakistan in 1947 only to resign 3 years later and return back to India in 1950. His resignation letter describes vividly the pain or suffering of Hindus in Pakistan who were being treated as stateless in a nation with the state religion of Islam. The fate of Sikh minorities in Afghanistan has been equally bad who have fled their homes in Afghanistan once they faced persecution at the hands of Taliban under Sharia Law in 1990s. The world is also witness to the destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas by Taliban.

Now let’s discuss various legitimate questions that would arise out of CAA legally and otherwise. The first allegation is that by excluding Muslims this Act is discriminatory against Indian Muslims! Absolutely not, rather the CAA law does not apply to any Indian be it Hindu, Sikh, Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians or Parsis. CAA applies to the refugees of sects who were in India on or before 31st December 2014 and have been identified as religiously persecuted minorities from three countries so stated by local administration issuing the temporary permits/permissions to stay in India till their legal status is sorted out. It is for these class of refugees that CAA has been enacted and as per data it would effectively benefit 31,000 refugees including 25,447 Hindus, 5,807 Sikhs, 55 Christians, 2 Buddhists and 2 Parsis. The next question is why not include Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims, Ahmedias, Shias or Hazzaras also in the list. The answer is that these are sectarian parts of Islam which is the state religion of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and it is thus their internal problem along with political, ethnic issues that these countries need to address themselves. Notwithstanding the special provision under CAA, Muslims of any sect from these three countries; Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists from other countries other than these three can apply for Indian citizenship under the regular provisions of Citizenship Act of 1955. It is reported that nearly 500+ Muslims have been granted Indian citizenship between 2014-2019 clearly showing that CAA is not discriminatory in nature and does not exclude anyone but just creates a special provision for persecuted minorities from three countries in India from a cutoff date.

The New Global Order Book

Another question which has been posed is why are Sri Lankan Tamils, Christians from Bhutan not taken into the special category. The simple answer is that these countries do not have a state religion and that Sri Lankan Tamils refugees are now returning as the civil war in Sri Lanka has ended. The reason for this classification in CAA, 2019 is not whimsical or arbitrary but has a historical background dating back to Nehru-Liyaqat Pact of 1950 where both countries agreed to protect minorities which as data clearly shows Pakistan has failed to do while India has considerably done so with legal and constitutional guarantees. Various political leaders and parties from time to time have backed this demand. INC Working Committee passed a resolution on 25th November 1947 stating minorities in Pakistan who wish to come to India must be facilitated and protected concurring with what Mahatma Gandhi had said. In 2003 during a debate in Rajya Sabha, Dr Manmohan Singh (then LOP) of Congress Party had called on Deputy PM LK Advani to care and make provide citizenship for persecuted minorities from Bangladesh and Pakistan who were left behind after partition. Similar demands have been echoed from time to time like by Mamata Banerjee in 2005 in LS, Prakash Karat of CPI(M) and Ashok Gehlot, Congress CM in Rajasthan in 2012 and former Assam CM Tarun Gogoi.

Now the legal question that arises is whether this law satisfies the test of Article 14 i.e. equality and reasonable classification. The answer to that is in the affirmative because while Article 14 states treatment of equality to all; the law as interpreted by Supreme Court states that Parliament by law can make laws with reasonable classification with intelligible differentia for a specific class of people like in this case religiously persecuted minorities from three neighboring countries having Islam as a state religion as stated in the memorandum and objective of the Act. This along with Nehru Liaqat Pact of 1950 provides a firm basis to the government of the day to make reasonable classification and get it sustained by the data to show the trend of refugees from these countries. The reasons so stated in foregoing paras can be sufficient to get the law to pass the test of reasonableness under Article 14 which anyway talks about equality among the equals and not the unequals. There is catena of law on this issue to get this objection of Article 14 over ruled. The other objections being raised of Article 21and 25 of Constitution are even on weaker footing as India is precisely honouring its moral and humanitarian duties towards these persecuted minorities for whom it’s a matter of life and death and their Right to life with dignity is equally important. Article 11 of Constitution of India give total discretionary powers to Parliament to frame any law on citizenship notwithstanding what’s stated in foregoing articles. The legal challenge to CAA is pending before Supreme Court of India but in our opinion this Act is perfectly valid and non-discriminatory in nature and should be sustained.

The passing of CAA, 2019 as we know has caused much furore in India leading to large scale arson and violence with outrageous commentary on a very noble and humanitarian act. The protests began from Bengal and soon spread across the country to Delhi, Gujarat, UP and Karnataka with mob violence and celebrity denouncements of this act as discriminatory. It was noteworthy that most of the celebrities hardly knew what CAA was about and how it was discriminatory and this facet was weaponized by opposition parties, vested interest groups, fundamentalist leaders and media intellectuals spreading fear paranoia among the Muslim community in India that this draconian bill would make Indian Muslims stateless, take away their citizenship rights and put them in detention centres. A sinister propaganda campaign was launched using students and intellectuals as a front with Islamist mobs indulging in arson from behind using media cover fire to demonise the government of the day. Incendiary pamphlets were distributed across mosques in India that with passage of CAA, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists excluded out of proposed National NRC would be get automatic qualification and Muslims will be left out to prove ancestry with documents prior to 1971 or be lodged in detention centres.

The reality is CAA takes away no Citizenship Rights and NRC (National Register of Citizens) was previously enacted by Congress Party for the state of Assam due to the influx of illegal immigrants after 1971 Bangladesh War leading to signing of Assam Accord of 1985 by Rajiv Gandhi wherein it was decided that an NRC would be conducted to deport illegal immigrants from Assam of whatever religion to protect Assam’s linguistic and ethnic identity under Clause 6 of Assam accord. However, no Government implemented NRC in Assam and it was ultimately conducted under Supreme Court monitoring. The ‘White Paper on Foreigner’s Issue’ issued by Congress Government of Assam in 2012 clearly talks about setting up detention centres in Para 4.4.1. Further the Guwahati HC order dated 26 May 2011 in Para 37 clearly mentions that an affidavit was given by UPA Government MHA in 2009 stating that detention centres will be setup to hold illegal immigrants so that they do not vanish. Thus, it is a classic case of disinformation campaign to use Assam accord date, detention centres all authored by the Congress party, monitored by Supreme Court and attributing it to Modi government labelling it as fascist, Nazi and running an anti-minority propaganda despite repeated clarification issued by the Government of India. Government of India had repeatedly clarified that CAA takes away no rights and that National NRC which is yet to come has not yet been framed, no rules, no cut-off date etc and it will be made sure that no genuine Indian is left out be it a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or a Christian, and the tweaks will made sure learning from the shortcomings of Assam NRC.

The Sinister Plot

This brings us to the billion dollar question – Considering CAA is such a humanitarian act and a national NRC is yet to be drafted; how was such an incendiary campaign launched defaming not only India, the ruling government, but also the majority community with a host of Hindu abuse and Islamic slogans being shouted from universities to other protests sites leading to arson and mob violence for nearly last 10 days? Why did the New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, Guardian in UK extensively carry out propaganda and disinformation campaign further fuelling speculation that a majoritarian Hindu India is about to make millions of Muslims stateless?  Mass hysteria was generated using foreign press and Indian media to incite Muslims against the Government of India in an Arab Spring redux; one of the Indian journalists who wrote fake news for New Yorker actually used the ‘Arab Spring’ analogy which is technically an attempt to overthrow/cripple legitimately elected government of India in a disinformation campaign. The strings of this campaign are not just tied to Indian opposition parties who openly abetted these protests, mobs but are also likely connected to the leftist cabal in the West who is rather dismayed and alarmed by the right wing nationalist government in India in asserting its weight across the world through its diaspora in USA and UK with allegations of attempts to influence their elections.

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton through a host of Scandinavian NGOs provided monetary help to Teesta Setalvad’s NGO and other activists for digging graves of encounters to fix Narendra Modi for fake encounter, Gujarat riots cases. It is worth recollecting the India’s Daughter controversy of 2015, wherein Clinton Foundation Organization backed organization Vital Voice wrote a documentary film India’s Daughter in the year 2015. Jury member Alyse Nelson of Tribeca Film institute was also CEO was of Vital Voice. India’s Daughter was sponsored by an organization Plan UK. Tribeca has Ford Foundation funding and Plan UK has connections to missionary institutions. The documentary India’s Daughter was a propaganda by the leftist cabal in 2015 to defame India as rape capital of the world. This is laughable considering UK is the home of grooming gangs and sexual crimes in western societies are far higher than India.

Similarly, another kingpin in the leftist cabal is George Soros, the head of Open Society Foundation which sponsors such fallacious campaigns across the world. George Soros has been an open basher of right-wing nationalism from Romania in Europe to Brexit in UK to even creating Never Trump movement in US with US President Donald Trump openly calling out Soros, Clinton & Co as loony left. George Soros Open Society Foundation was put under watch by Narendra Modi Government in the year 2016 thus making its FCRA donations to activists/NGOs in India subject to MHA approval. Soros’s Open society has been actively funding many Activists/Human Rights Lawyers/NGOs in India many of whom are at the forefront of defending the students involved in inciting violence legally and otherwise.

It is worth noting that PM Narendra Modi at Howdy Modi in Houston, Texas in September 2019 endorsed President Donald Trump who graced the event raising the stakes further with Democrats. PM Narendra Modi also met Hawaiian senator Tulsi Gabbard who is running for Democratic party nomination taking on the Clinton elite within the party. The left in Democratic Party has openly called Tulsi an Assad apologist, a Russian asset and someone who is allegedly funded by BJP/RSS in US to unsettle democratic campaign aiding President Trump. While PM Modi was hosting the event in Texas with Donald Trump, Democratic party donor George Soros met Pakistani PM Imran Khan on the side lines of UNGA where Pakistan reportedly discussed Jammu & Kashmir situation with him. Democrats and leftist media like New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker etc have since then openly been espousing and writing fiction for propaganda on Kashmir lockdown in aftermath of abrogation of Article 370. Democrats on other hand have been vocal in moving resolutions in US Congress expressing concerns on civil liberties and communication shut down in Jammu & Kashmir by Government of India.

On the other side of the Atlantic in UK, the Labour party has been espousing Pro Separatist line against India on Jammu & Kashmir with London Mayor Sadiq Khan allowing the Khalistanis and ISI sponsored crowd to target Indian mission in London on India Day and abetting these nefarious elements despite protests lodged by India. In response, it is said that friends and supporters of ruling party in India called on the substantial NRI to vote for Boris Johnson away from their traditional Labour vote adding to landslide win of Conservatives in UK. This has now potentially alarmed the leftist cabal in US that the NRI vote in US Polls too could swing it for Donald Trump in elections 2020. Hence the incendiary campaign by leftist media in US and UK to target India and in particular PM Narendra Modi on Citizenship Amendment Act. A few days back Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar while visiting US for 2+2 meeting with Trump administration refused to meet US Congressional delegation with Senator Jeypal being part of it given her recent article on Kashmir and Human Rights which lead to an infuriated response from Democratic party contenders and top leftists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on Civil Rights in Kashmir and Minority  rights in India. It is thus a no brainer why Leftist Media has been constantly attacking Right Wing nationalists across the world from Trump to Netanyahu to Narendra Modi to Boris Johnson. Rather this is testament to a rising India that can leverage its diaspora abroad to lobby for its interests in foreign countries.

We have already documented in our book “The New Global Order” how Arab Spring was used to overthrow legitimate governments in the name of activism and rights again funded and abetted by the leftist cabals in State Department under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The organized chaos in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Ukraine, Chile, Sudan have led to overthrowing of elected governments using activists, social media propaganda campaigns, local media to whip up anti-government sentiments to overthrow or cripple the ruling dispensation. Thus, the protests in India against Citizenship Amendment Act or the proposed National NRC are organized and orchestrated chaos with disinformation propaganda campaigns. It is believed that protests in Jamia University were organized using Telegram to call on people to assemble and Instagram was used to further spread the propaganda on CAA and organize rallies with people who have no information as to what CAA even means or is about. The front layer of the protest was camouflaged with Students and Intellectuals, the second layer being Urban Naxals and Urban Jihadists being used as protestors or as cannon fodder, behind which were Indian Opposition parties who have previously worked with left in west against Narendra Modi. The covering fire to all this was given by Indian media who even tried to replicate the iconography of Sudan protest but ended up being a damp squib. The protests were initially flamed by hysteria created by leftist press in the west giving it a cloak of credibility with the leftist’s cabal in west abetting the whole design with opposition and activists in India in a well-synced story.

As we had initially written demography is Destiny in today’s world people specially refugees in civil war and illegal immigrants are used as weapons to stealthily destroy a civilization from within. Lebanon is a classic example whose demographics have over the decades weakened the stranglehold of open society it once prided upon. Turkey’s president Erdogan has been regularly threatening to unleash Syrian refugees on European Union as a threat of demographic warfare. It is in this context that India needs to take care of its citizens be it Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis etc and make sure that lakhs of illegals who have infiltrated from Bangladesh, Myanmar or Pakistan are repatriated back as these illegals indulge in criminal acts, take away jobs of the locals and put more stress on the limited resources of the state. Though CAA is a very noble and humanitarian law for Refugees yet a National NRC should be done to weed out these illegal immigrants while making sure no Indian citizen of any caste, creed or religion is left out to suffer. To conclude Demography is indeed Destiny and those who fail to act in time are condemned to future for letting the nation down.


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